Black Oil Sunflower

Black Oil Sunflower

Our Most Popular Microgreens!

These little guys have a satisfying crunch and a pleasant nutty flavor making them a delicious snack or addition to any culinary creation. Adding sunflower microgreens to your diet is a great way to get more protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Are you looking for other ways to get more protein in your diet? Sunflower microgreens are an excellent source of natural plant-based protein that promotes healthy muscles and faster recovery. Ditch the mysterious protein powders and add some natural green to your smoothie!

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Additional Health Benefits:

  • Contain lecithin that helps break down fatty acids

  • Excellent source of zinc – improving fertility

  • Revitalizes tissue and calms inflammation

  • Contributes to muscular growth

  • Boosts immune system

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Mom's Arroz con Frijoles (Black Beans & Rice) topped with our sunflower microgreens for added crunch @legacygreens3