Farm to Table Microgreens & Edible Flowers

Fresh, Local, and Grown-to-Order

With over 30 varieties of microgreens, edible flower, baby greens, and mixes to choose from - we have something for every dish!

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Our microgreens are produced on a grown-to-order basis. This process allows us to deliver a product that is grown to your specifications and delivered within 24 hours of harvest.

To learn more about our offering or to request a pricing menu please contact us.

Lead times vary depending on variety and quantities. Typical lead times are as follows:

Microgreens: 2-3 weeks

Baby Greens: 4 weeks

Edible Flowers: Based on weekly demand

Edible Flower Collection

Flowers are sold in assorted 50, 100, & 200ct sizes.

NOTE: Color, size, and variety will vary per container.

Microgreen Collection

Microgreens are available in 4oz and 8oz sizes.

Baby Greens are available in Half or Full Tray sizes.

Bulls Blood Beets

Dark Opal Basil


Black Oil Sunflower

Sweet Pea


Tendril Pea

Red Tatsoi Mustard

Radish Trio


Red Veined Sorrel

Baby Dark Opal Basil

Red Garnet Amaranth



Grown with love and passion under our watchful eyes!

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